Travels Food in London!


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The weather here has been crazy lately where it went from being windy in the morning, raining by noon, and then sunny by 2pm.  As it’s a long weekend here we had tourist flocking from all over Europe and the lines to the museums, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and an extra long line of crowd by the Buckingham Palace.

We took the Big Bus London which took us around major attractions in London.  The only downside of this open-top bus tour is that when it’s windy or raining, some people end up freezing or getting soaked (just like us below).


{and we wore rain coats provided by Big Bus London}


{can you see the large crowd in the middle of street?}


{I love these red phone booths around London}


{the giant London Eye!  The line here was at least an hour for the 30-40 min ride.  I’d love to try it sometime 🙂 }


{and we went hopping on and off the bus between attractions.  Towards our end of the trip we had a chance to sit on the first floor of this double decker bus and got to stay warm and dry 🙂 }