24 Hours in London

My husband and I arrived in London. I’ve been awed by the beauty here where history and modern architecture emerge together creating a city full of life and rich in history.

We arrived at our apartment around 9pm and by the time we came outside most restaurants were closed but we still got to have some fish and chips – a must have in London.

The food here felt like a European version of Applebee’s with fresher ingredients and less taste. The beer was delicious and we had a goodnight sleep at our new temporary apartment. I absolutely love the bathroom here!

I started my day around 9am and was awed by the beauty. I can’t believe I’m living in this beautiful street!

And just around the corner I saw the historical St. Paul’s Cathedral. Isn’t it just beautiful? Β I need to buy a professional camera; I feel like I can’t fully capture the beauty of this place with my iPhone…

Despite all the diappointment with the food here, I’ve been satisfied with this delicious carrot cake at Cafe Rouge just across the street from St. Paul’s Cathedral.

When my husband came back from work we ventured out to Oxford Circus. Β It’s absolutely beautiful with loads of shops and bars around. I think this area may become my new favorite place in London πŸ˜‰

I’m so thankful to live in this beautiful city and can’t wait to share more photos soon!