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How to Reject a Kiss

Question: How do you reject an unwanted kiss? Coco’s Answer: Put your paws on their lips ­čśë #cocostyle and then go to sleep Ok, I’m just missing Coco today. ┬áBut seriously, how cute… Continue reading

new instagram account

Hello everyone! ┬áSo I made a new instagram account for my cute coco. ┬áPlease follow me for adorable pictures of coco! ­čÖé


My poor husband and coco are┬áboth sick today (and this past weekend) and are resting at home. ┬áCoco has a respiratory infection and not sure what we need to do as his symptoms… Continue reading

So the past couple of days…

So the past couple of days been rather… crazy. ┬áMy little boy Coco is still refusing to eat and this morning he didn’t even have the energy. ┬áHe cried trying to get back… Continue reading