Sao Paulo, Brazil edition: I truly love Brazil…

After the first part of our trip in  Porto Seguro, we flew to Sao Paulo to meet with some friends.  I loved the colorful street art works, food, the whole atmosphere, and people seemed so much nicer and relaxed than NYC.  We then went to Unique Hotel where they amazing architecture and a beautiful rooftop.  We had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying our view of the city, Sao Paulo.

(Photos above from Hotel Unique)

We then went to dine at the infamous Restaurant, D.O.M. which is one of the best restaurants in South America and ranked #4 in the World!  Chef Alex Atala is well known for his unique ingredients (I know I’m using the word unique a lot today).  We even had a dish with two ants and a pineapple!

Before Alex Atala opened D.O.M. – Deo Optimus Maximus – which, for the benefit of any non-Latin speakers, means ‘God is greatest and best’– the dominant cuisine in high-end restaurants was French and Italian. Today, South American food and ingredients are creeping on to the top tables of gastronomy, not just in the continent from which it hails, but across the world, and Atala has had a major hand in this.

The pioneering chef is also part-historian and part-botanist thanks to his research trips with scientists and anthropologists deep into the Amazon to test potential ingredients for his menu. By doing so he has not only brought his country’s indigenous foodstuffs – many of which are unknown beyond its borders – to the fore, but has helped challenge the notion that familiarity and old-school sensibilities are the key to running a successful top-end establishment.

Chef Alex Atala was literally a celebrity in Brazil and everyone went up to him to talk and to take pictures.  We finally built enough courage to go up to him to take a picture ^^ and yes, I was super happy 🙂

The next day after our insanely large meal at D.O.M. we went out to eat (again, I know we are pigs) at another famous restaurant but I forgot the name.  Please let me know if anyone knows the name of this restaurant above!  I heard it’s very touristy and was on Food Network.  The food here was delicious and savory… I’m totally digging it right now as I write this post…