Weddings in NYC


My husband and I went to a wedding this summer in the heart of Manhattan and it was by far the most beautiful wedding we’ve ever been to. It was so nice to see my husband with all his close friends and to drink the night away on the hotel rooftop. How awesome is this?




(I’m not sure what the helicopter/airplane (don’t remember) was writing on the sky but it was pretty awesome to see it at the wedding)

My favorite part was when the groom secretly practiced violin and played a beautiful piece for his bride. Everyone were in tears at how romantic it was. I secretly wished my husband played an instrument for our wedding too ^^;

To top it off the groom also secretly made a slide show of their love life and aired it on another building wall. We got to drink cocktail inside while watching the oh-so-romantic slide show out the window in the mist of Manhattan skyline. It was so romantic I literally asked my husband if we can have a second wedding in NYC… 😉