So the past couple of days…

So the past couple of days been rather… crazy.  My little boy Coco is still refusing to eat and this morning he didn’t even have the energy.  He cried trying to get back on his bed then collapsed, unable to even raise his head for water.  Poor thing! 😦

We syringe fed him (like always since he won’t eat) and gave him water with kayo syrup.  After 10 minutes he was much better but still too weak to follow me around the house.  So now after an early morning visit to the vet, he is hospitalized overnight.   I spoke with the vet a few hours ago and they said he is resting and still on IV.  I hope my baby is okay!  😦

Also, they tried a lot of varying different food brands and he wasn’t eating anything for hours until they tried Halo brand.  I def got a picky eater! 🙂


Anyways, I so much my coco and been staring at his picture all day… isn’t he just… beautiful?



Mommy loves you Coco!

P.S. I’ll miss sleeping with him tonight =(

P.P.S.  My vet is very upset with and please whoever may stumble upon my blog, do NOT use them!