My husband and I welcomed a new addition to our family.  He is so incredibly cute and we are totally in love with him ^^

We bought him online at Affordable Pups for a fairy good price but I‘m not sure if I do NOT recommend them yet as they are not friendly RUDE on phone without letting me return any added products they sold and not sure how legit their site is (but I can say that I think my puppy is very cute :)).  If anyone buys from them do be careful of hidden charges!  And I do regret not picking him up from the store (a whooping 9 hour drive all the way to Ohio).  We had him delivered via Delta flight from Ohio to La Guadia airport in NYC and he was so scared (poor thing!).

photo (1)

He was hesitant to come out of his cage until I forced him out (I talked with a puppy specialist at Petco and they told me to force him out or else he will get sick in his cage from his own poop and pee bacteria).  After his initial scare (or trauma from his flight and uncertainty at his new home), he quickly adjusted and started following me around.  We ended up sleeping together because he was crying so much when I went to bed.


This is him last night when he slipped trying to follow me around! Poor thing but so cute

As I do not have much experience with dogs so please feel free to give any tips and advices!