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Fun Photoshoot with PAUSE! (+ 20% promo code ENDS TODAY!)

I had so much fun doing a photoshoot with PAUSE NY few weeks ago!PAUSE model on being ethically transparent using fabrics without toxins. AND they are designed and manufactured in NY! (go made in… Continue reading

Happy Tuesday!

I got this video this morning and it made me soo happy!  I really miss coco but it makes me so happy that he is being loved and having a great time 🙂

Farewell & Dining outside in NYC

Ever since we adopted Coco my husband has been very sick for over a month.  After my husband’s numerous visits to the emergency doctor appointments and after much thought, we decided that it… Continue reading

new instagram account

Hello everyone!  So I made a new instagram account for my cute coco.  Please follow me for adorable pictures of coco @joyful.day! 🙂