5 February Favorites


Since my trip to Korea this winter (which I blogged about here), I’ve been experimenting with various new products and it has changed my life for the better 🙂


1. Ininisfree Orchid enriched cream


£££££ (£ 20.89 from here)

I used this product years ago and when I was visiting Korea this winter, I was so happy to see this product again.  It’s very nourishing and leaves the skin soft and dewy.  Only flaw is that I run out of this product within a month.. 😦


2. Bio-Oil



(£5.99 for 60ml and £12.94 for 200ml on Amazon)

I love this product so much that I blogged about this product yesterday (see here).  It works miracles to cure scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tones, ageing skin, and dehydrated skin.


3. Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco


£££££  (£7.35 on Boots)

I’ve heard that Argan Oil helps to nourish hair and fight against dry hair.  I purchased this product as it was on sale (and was the cheapest) and I am absolutely in love with it.  It doesn’t leave the hair greasy and hydrates, leaving hair healthy and silky.


4. UV Expert XL-Shield BB Complete


£££££ (£101.30 on Amazon)

My in-law asked me to buy this for them and out of curiosity, I purchased this small bottle to try it out.  I absolutely love how light and soft this product is while nourishing and protecting the skin.  Unfortunately they do not sell this product in UK but they you can purchase one on Amazon.


5. Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm


£££££ (£2.49 from Boots)

I’ve been skeptical about this product but after hearing many bloggers and friends talking about this, I decided to try it out.  I haven’t found the absolutely perfect lip balm yet but this product is definitely nourishing and hydrates my lips.  Definitely worth the money if you are on budget like me 😉


Hope you enjoyed and please let me know if there’s any products you want me to try. Also, checkout my Travel & Food blog and my Instagram 😉



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