My 5 Travel Essentials

Now that I live in Europe, I have been traveling a lot and developed my own travel essentials that I swear by.  I like to travel light with minimal items and extra room in my bag so I can buy more on my way back 🙂 I hope you find these tips useful!



1. Comfortable Shoes 

I walk a lot more than usual when I travel and bad shoes will just kill my entire trip until I buy a new pair while traveling.  I like to pack comfortable sneakers and a pair of sandals.  If I’m traveling for more than a couple days, I make sure to pack cute heels or flats.


2. Skin Hydration 

I find my skin feeling more sensitive or dry when I travel.  I like to pack several facial packs so I can hydrate my skin and relax after a long day of traveling.  Plus, they’re lightweight and I can throw them away after I use it.  I also like to carry a mist for a long flight.  My recent favorite mist is from sulwhasoo but it’s too big to carry-on so I’ve been using a free sample mist I that received.


3. A lightweight backpack

I like carrying a backpack when traveling in Europe.  I find small luggage harder to carry especially in places where the streets are bumpy.  I got mine from Amazon and it’s been serving me pretty well 🙂 I also like carrying a small cross-body bag that I can use while site seeing.  I’m not a big fan of totes when I travel since it can easily get snatched-off.


4. Lightweight Camera (or a Smartphone) 

I love taking photos when I travel and I’m sad to announce that I only carry my iPhone 6 and all my travel photos were taken with my iPhone (plus, its the only camera I own right now as I lost my GoPro.. 😦 ).  I hear that Canon G7X is amazing for traveling.  I’m also interested in the new Canon eos M3 and Canon eos M10. They’re the new canon’s mirrorless cameras and super cute 🙂


5. Charger

I cannot stress how important this is.  I hate it when my phone runs out of batteries and I’m lost in some random country and I can’t even speak their language.  Bring your chargers and a universal plug.  I also like to carry a portable charger. I bought this charger from Amazon and it’s super fast at charging.  I would suggest buying one that’s slightly smaller than mine as mine is a bit on the big and heavy side.