6 Hours in Copenhagen

My friend and I took a day trip to Copenhagen couple weekends ago for just ‎£22 trip tickets!  I’m sad the trip was so short but I’m hoping to visit again when I find similar deals 🙂  The best part of Denmark was their bakery and I’d take another trip just for the food.  They have amazing baked goods and I’m craving it as I write this…

We arrived around noon and the first place we went to was Cafe Paludan for brunch.  It’s located near a university so the price was reasonable and the food was delicious 🙂


I loved the library-like atmosphere here.  I’d love to just bring a good book here and read or study 🙂


The drink menu.


I loved the brunch menu here and the HUGE portion.


After brunch, we headed to Nyhavn.


Cute icecream store by Nyhavn 🙂


Pretty sunset on our way to see the little mermaid


The little mermaid was a lot smaller than I expected!



The interior designs everywhere in Copenhagen are stunning and we just lost ourselves at Hay.  The employees here were super friendly and they gave us a cute tote bag even for a small purchase! 🙂


beautiful view of the city from Hay.


A lovely cafe… The Royal Smushi Cafe.


We had so much fun at the lego store and bought some toys 🙂


Even the subway (tube) is nice in Copenhagen.  Super clean and spacious!  We purchased a 24 hour day pass so we were able to take public transportations all over the city.  One interesting thing here is that no one checks to see if you have a subway pass.  I love the trust they have 🙂

I think trying to see all of Copenhagen in 6 hours was a bit of a rush and we were exhausted by the time we came back to London.  Even though we took public transportation we had to walk a LOT.  I suggest renting a bike if you are planning to stay here for 2 or more days.  Copenhagen is small and it’s possible to walk everywhere but the streets are huge and involve a lot of walking between stations and tourist attractions.  Danish people are super nice and so trustworthy that a lot of people don’t even lock their bikes and just leave it in the streets.  Also, everyone here spoke perfect English and they all seemed ready to help so don’t feel scared to ask for help!


Price: £££££

Fair for food in Copenhagen as there’s loads of Michelin star restaurants here
Service: ★★★★★
slightly slow but they let me charge my phone for free!
Ambiance: ★★★★★

COMING HERE (Cafe Paludan)

Address: Fiolestræde 10-12


Phone: +45 3315 0675
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 AM – 22:00, PM
Sat & Sun 10:00 AM – 22:00 PM


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