A Day Trip to Stonehenge & Bath

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I had one of the best time on this short weekend trip to Stonehenge & Bath, which was only about £34.50/person on groupon. Other sites I found online were about £100 per person for a day trip and I was super excited when I found this deal. Even our guide Rosy was amazing – full of energy, knowledge, and a load of patience (she had a group of 30 or so people to guide!).

A lot of people told me that they were not impressed when they went to Stonehenge but I loved it.  There’s so much history here and we can only imagine what it was really used for or how they built it.  It’s hard to imagine how people carried these huge stones over 5000 years ago before wheels were invented.


We then went took the bus again to Bath, a beautiful town where the rich used to go during the summer for vacation and where the sick used to come to drink the ‘holy’ water from Roman Bath. The water was thought as ‘holy’ and purifying. People traveled very long distances to drink this water and even give lots of money with the hopes of being healed.

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{this ‘holy’ water tasted like water boiled in egg… I hope it made me healthier! 🙂 }

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{parts of the Roman Bath. Not sure what this structure was used for but pretty cool!}


{We then ate lunch somewhere in Bath and they had awesome cider!}

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{and cool tables that brought childhood memories!}

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{even families were lounging by the parks here. I’d love to visit again 🙂 }