Pho in London

I’ve been obsessed with pho ever since I moved to London.  I practically eat it every other day.  I swear, they must have some chemical in it, cause the more I eat it, the more I love it.  I even eat it more often than I eat Korean food! (gasp) So I’d like to share my personal favorite pho restaurants in London.  Please know that these are just my personal favorite from my limited exploration of this city.

Cay Tre

I went to the Liverpool location but there’s another location in Soho.  Their noodle has a soft thin texture which is so addictive that I was craving it the very next day for lunch.  I think they hand-make their own noodles which makes it extra special.  My friend said she used to go to Pho every week until she found Cay Tre, and now she is totally addicted and eats here all the time.


Yep, this restaurant is called Pho and my husband swears they have the best pho around town.  I have friends who don’t love this restaurant as much as Cay Tre, but we personally really enjoy going to Pho at Westfield Mall food court.  It’s also super close from our home so it’s super convenient for us.

Oh! Ricey Pho Bo

Okay, this one is not a restaurant but it’s my new discovery.  I was feeling lazy the other day and while looking at my drawer full of instant noodles, I found this Oh! Ricey Pho Bo instant noodles and had to try it. At first I wasn’t impressed but after some sriracha sauce and couple bites, I was hooked.  I literally ate the entire bowl which I made a video below.

If you are like me and love pho, where’s your favorite pho restaurant?  And please let me know if you know any great restaurants for Pho in London! I’d love to check it out 🙂