Weekend Getaway to Brighton

One of the best perks of living in London is that we can travel to many affordable places in UK and all over Europe. We recently travelled to Brighton, which is perfect for a day trip from London. Brighton is only an hour away from London which can be booked as cheap as 5 pounds (click here for cheap tickets). We purchased open tickets on the last minute and paid a bit more so I suggest to buy tickets early! Brighton is not the place to go if you are looking for a quiet getaway but it’s a great place to party or to just visit the beach on a weekend.

We stayed at Grand Hotel, which is a victorian historic sea-front hotel built in 1864 for members of the upper classes visiting Brighton and Hove.  It remains one of the nicest and probably one of the quietest hotels in Brighton.  Unfortunately we did not get a sea-view but still had a chance to relax and enjoy the amenities the hotel has to offer. If you do visit this hotel, I highly recommend to take advantage of their gorgeous spa. Their massages are amazing and they have a cute relaxing lounge. My husband was sick with a virus for an entire week with a giant migraine but he was healed after his one hour long massage session. No joke!


{I was sitting here on Saturday morning and awed by the beauty…}


{the beautiful hallway to our hotel room}


{and I took a mandatory selfie 😉 }


{I really liked their complementary buffet for brunch. My favourite was their beans and grapefruit}


{Brighton is full of young adults partying on weekends.  I’ve never seen so many bachelorette parties in one city!}


{cute shows along the beach. I love how colourful they are!}


{I must totally agree with this ice-cream shop. ‘Life is better at the beach’}




{It was too chilly for me but not for these kiddos 🙂 }


{we ate lunch at Riddle & Finn Seafood Champagne & Oyster Bar}


{how cute is this restaurant?}


{and we got to sit by the beach and enjoy the nice breeze}


{these oysters were delicious. and I must say their bread was amazing as well!}


{hubby is happy in front of his food but his food tasted okay…}


{looks yummy}


{we took a stroll to this castle. Too bad it was too early to go in when we visited}


{and we took the train back home. until next time.. }

My Personal Ratings

Grand Hotel

Price: $ $ $ $ $ (too expensive for what it offers. I probably won’t stay here again but may come for a massage and food)

Taste: ★★★☆ (I hear their Seafood afternoon tea is amazing but we only had a chance to try their breakfast)

Hygiene: ★★★★☆ (clean and tidy)

Costumer Service★★★ (fair, the ladies at the Spa are very nice)

Riddle & Finns

Price: $ $ $ $ $ (this one is tricky; some items are fair and others are pretty expensive as they serve oyster and lobster and all that jazz)

Taste: ★★★☆☆ (I wasn’t impressed with their food but loved their atmosphere)

Hygiene: ★★★☆☆ (fair)

Costumer Service★★★ (fair)