Day Trip to Oxford

My husband and I finally had a chance to venture out of London this past weekend. We took a train to Oxford which is about an hour away from London. It started to rain when we got there but I was super excited to see this historical city.  We first dined at Quod, which is a cute restaurant with served brunch and buffet for the weekend.  They even had an outdoor terrace where you can dine by their lovely garden.

After out lovely lunch we were hoping it would stop raining, but as usual it was pouring during our bus tour (click here for our rainly London bus tour).  We were too lazy to tour the castles in the rain so we stayed in our tour bus and snapped pictures around the city of Oxford.

image5 (2)

{the walls of Oxford is still beautiful even in the rain}


{and our bus went through so many puddles and made giant splashes}

image3 (2)

{I could only imagine how beautiful it would have been on a nice sunny day here}


{it was pouring but Oxford was still beautiful}


{we stopped by a small church before ending our stay in London}


{and hubby wanted to give us some blessings}

image2 (1)

{we took the train back to London}

image6 (1)

{and enjoyed the countryside scenary on our way back to the city}