My Favorite Bar in London

Husband and I took a walk down the River Thames on this gorgeous evening. How can I not fall in love with this beautiful city? We noticed loads of bars on the South Bank where people casually drank outside just having a good time. We stumbled upon Dandelyan, a gorgeous bar in Mondrian Hotel on the South Bank. I instantly fell in-love with this glamorous bar for their amazing drinks and beautiful atmosphere 🙂


How cool is this bathroom? I love the mirrors and lights


please excuse my slightly embarrassing Hello Kitty iPhone case 😉


I loved everything about this bar. Even the candle looked super cute!


and we got to enjoy the beautiful view of River Thames


I’m a very light drinker and I had TWO glasses of this amazing drink!  I have to say this Dandelyan is my favorite bar in London.

If you know of any nice bars in London, please share! I’d love to try 🙂