Best Burgers in NYC

Hi guys, I had a great time in NYC the past month and now I’m back in London. I missed the food in New York so much that I made sure to eat all my favorite NYC food before I leave.  I’m sure some of you guys saw foodie photos on my Instagram. The places that I missed the most were Baked by Melissa, The Halal Guys, Two Little Red Hens, Grimaldi’s Pizza, and SHAKE SHACK… The funny this is that I rarely went to most of these places when I was in NYC! Okay, I pretty much went to Baked by Melissa and Shake Shack every other week but those are an exception 😉

During my trip I made sure to eat all the best burgers – in fact, I had burgers for lunch AND dinner on my last two days in NYC!  Now that’s a LOT of burgers. As I lived in NYC for almost ten years and I love burgers, I’d like to share three of my personal favorite burgers in NYC 🙂

1. Shake Shack

How can anyone not love Shake Shack burgers?  Made with premium never frozen meat with potato buns, it’s by far the best burger I had and I’m so happy that they are opening a Shack Shack near my apartment in London! For first timers, I suggest to try Shack Stack which is a hamburger topped with fried “cheese bomb” which melts in your mouth.

2. Rare Burger

My coworkers took me out here and I fell in love with Rare Burger.  Located in midtown and Chelsea, Rare Burger can be great for after-work outing with coworkers or even a casual romantic date. They even open up their rooftop for the summer 😉

3. Burger Joint

Photo from Life More: Burger Foursquare Features It’s National Cheeseburger Day — Here Are The 10 Most Popular Burger Joints In America by MEGAN WILLETT

I love Burger Joint but I’m guilty to say that I haven’t been here in a few years only because it’s not conveniently located for me. If you do take a trip here, don’t be fooled by it’s location inside the beautiful Le Parker Meridien hotel as the restaurant itself has a totally different atmosphere. It’s almost like a shack, as it’s hidden in a small corner of the hotel.

Other places for a great burger in NYC include 5 Napkin Burger, Umami Burger, and Bare Burger.  And if you want to be adventurous, I suggest to try the Ramen Burger which I blogged about here.

What’s your favorite burger in NYC? And if you know of other places for a great burger, please share!  I’d love to here 🙂