We are Moving to London!


Hey guys~ so those of you who follow me on Instagram probably heard this news already but to all my wordpress friends, my husband and I are moving to London in less than a week!  I’ve been having mixed emotions about this move as it’s such a huge change in our lives and I’ve been extremely scared about my career path but seems like everything will workout just fine.  Hopefully 🙂


Travels Food is my new site that I’m launching very soon.  My husband and I are very spontaneous and we love trying new cuisines and restaurants.  And since we are moving to London, I figured it would be a great time to share our experiences as we travel around Europe and nearby countries.  So please checkout our new site TravelsFood.com!

Also, have you guys ever been to London?  I would love to hear about your experiences. My husband and I have never been to London so we greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions about moving to London!