Hi guys~

Sorry it’s been forever since I last updated.  So much have been happening and I can’t wait to share with you all soon!  Lots of changes are coming soon.

Last week was our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary and went to Sushi of Gari in Upper East Side which is there original place.  I felt guilty for not going to our favorite sushi spot but we still had an amazing time and had a whole new experience at Sushi of Gari.  I recommend Sushi Zen for a date night with friendly service and good food (one of the best sushi in NYC).  I recommend Sushi of Gari in Upper Eastside for a whole new sushi experience.  Their only downfall is their costumer service and a surprisingly modest-looking interior compared to their price.


{my favorite piece!  I felt enlightened as I took each bite.  My husband called it a “foodgasm”}


{Good uni makes me feel like being swallowed in the ocean and I had a taste of this here 🙂 }


{and I dolled up for our anniversary dinner 😉 }