Cosmetics Comparison: Moisturizer by Kiehl’s vs. Santa Maria Novella


Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve done a product comparison.  I got this wonderful Rose Water moisturizer as a gift a while ago and have been experimenting it with my Ultra Facial Toner by Kiehl’s.

Design: Rose Water by Santa Maria Novella comes in a beautiful box and looks and smells incredibly luxurious.  Kiehl’s has a very simple in comparison.

Hydration: Hands down Ultra Facial Toner by Kiehl’s.  It’s just so moisturizing and helps my skin to feel rejuvenating.  My skin didn’t feel too hydrated with the Rose Water moisturizer.

Smell:  Of course Rose Water.  It has a very luxurious, yet soft and rich scent.

My pick: Ultra Facial Toner by Kiehl’s.  I love how it moisturizes my skin to feel refreshed.  I like to use Super Multi-Corrective Cream (which I ran out of) or Ultra Facial Cream to further moisture my skin.

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