My 5 Essentials for Productivity

I’m always thinking of ways to improve my productivity and over the years I accumulated several tips that work for me.  Today, I’d like to share to share my favorite 5 Essentials for Productivity.  Kabbage, a small business loans company, helps entrepreneurs increase their productivity to achieve their goals!

1. Keep a planner


I’m not a naturally organized person so keeping a planner with a to-do list really helps me to stay organized for optimal productivity.  I like to plan my schedule the night before with a To-Do list and I keep track of it throughout the day.  There’s many apps in the market that aim to help people to stay organized and my current favorite is an app called Timeful which is a simple yet very efficient way to stay organized.

2. Exercise  


One of my favorite ways to increase my productivity is to exercise.  Exercising is not only a great way to stay healthy but it helps me to clear my mind, de-stress, and feel rejuvenated.  I don’t know about you but I always work better after a good workout 🙂  When I’m busy or on a run, I like to use an app called Blogilates for a quick 8-15 minutes of workout.  It’s so easy and great for people who are busy or traveling.

3. Have a plant


I love having a plant on my desk when I’m working.  Not only does it help the my room to look nice and smell better, but on a hectic day at work, it helps me to de-stress and focus.  Yep, I said having a plant helps me to focus at work.  A research done at Washington State University found that having a plant help people to focus and improve efficacy (click here to read more about 5 benefits of having a plant at your desk).

4. Organize your desk


Organize your desk to improve efficiency.  I work better when my space is clean and neat without unnecessary clutter rolling around my desk.  In fact, sometimes I like to clean my desk when I hit a roadblock at work and my brain seem to be all cluttered, making me unable to concentrate.  Cleaning my desk helps me to clear out my mind (like when I workout) and focus on my work again.   The upside of this is that it only takes about 5 minutes to clean your desk and it really improves efficiency at work.

5. Take a coffee break


Take a coffee break (or tea if you don’t drink coffee).  This is my favorite method of improving efficiency.  I like to take my coffee break around 2 or 3 pm after lunch for some fresh air and for some caffeine to boost my alertness.  Research show coffee helps people to improve productivity, mood, motivation, concentration, and performance when drinking coffee.  How cool is this?  I love coffee and taking a coffee break is also a great way to bond with coworkers and friends.

What’s your essentials for productivity?

I’d love to here 🙂