Winter Village in Bryant Park

I’ve been pretty antisocial lately and my life seemed to be just work, home, and time with hubby on repeat.  So last week I finally met up with some good friends that were visiting NYC 🙂  I love spending time with my husband but I really needed some girlfriend time!  My friend and I dined at Celsius overlooking the ice rink at Bryant Park (I love Bryant Park so much that I blogged about it here and here).  Have you guys checked out the ice skating rink at Bryant Park’s Winter Village?  Sometimes I like to skate here during my lunch break just for some fresh air.  It’s a great way to get some cardio in.  Plus, its free!

^^^ at Celsius.  How pretty is the ice rink? ^^^

^^^ posing in front of the Lion’s Head water fountain on my apartment building ^^^

^^^ the lion looks like he is about to bite my head off! lol ^^^

And my friend took pictures of me in front of my apartment building.  I didn’t realize how pretty my building is until I saw these pictures 🙂 things we take granted for in life, or props to her amazing photography skills!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and hope your Mondays weren’t so bad!