Winery & Private airplanes!


This past weekend when my husband and I stopped by Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery.  This place is soo popular and there were hundredsss of people who came to enjoy the evening (they even charged $5 for parking!).  I really liked they had live music and kids could play in the field or dine at their restaurant.


^^^ this reminds me of central park ^^^



^^^ They even have a little garden.  I personally prefer Wolffer Estate Vineyard but Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery was still a lot of fun and had a totally different vibe from other Wineries 🙂 ^^^

We then went off and saw people flying private airplanes and gliders (sailplane).  How cool is this?


^^^ and here it’s landing! ^^^


^^^ I’d love to fly one of these 🙂 ^^^


^^^ and I played on the swing with some kids ^^^


^^^ and we played with our shadows while we waited for our next adventure 🙂 ^^^

Have you guys ever flew on a glider (sailplane) before?  My husband and I want to try it out and we’d love to hear about your experiences!  🙂