Fantasy of getting a Massage by a (male) Masseur

After a long week of working crazy hours, my husband and I went to Taiji Body Work for our much needed couples massage.  I don’t get massages very often but I LOVE getting massages after a long week of working or traveling.  To me there’s nothing like a good massage while traveling.

Anyways, in the middle of a great massage my husband suddenly had my masseur changed.  I later found out that I had a male masseur and the hubs got jealous!  I found it slightly cute but it brought me back to the memories of watching Desperate Housewives when Carlos worked as a masseur (watch 0:14).

How some women prefer to get massages by a male and some women even get orgasms in the middle of massages.  Do any of you guys prefer a (male) masseur over a (female) masseuse?  This incident really had me realize how amazing some masseurs are and probably the best massages I’ve ever received are by males.  What were your experience of getting a massage by a masseur?