Yoga in Bryant Park



Yesterday I met up with a friend by Bryant Park and saw hundreds of people doing yoga in the middle of Bryant Park! (more about Yoga in Bryant Park here) How cool is this?  I’ve heard of yoga class in Bryant Park during the summer but it was my first time to witness this happen and was sad that I totally missed this wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating and FREE class offered during the summer!  (yesterday was the last class for Yoga).  I’m really hoping to take advantage of this event next summer.  Oh how I love working near Bryant Park… 🙂 I even blogged about my love for Bryant Park in my past post. (Click here to read more :))


Anyways, my friend and I had shake shack burger (probably the best burger in NYC!) and we had our girl-to-girl talk at Southwest Grill and it was so much fun.  No matter how much I love my husband sometimes I definitely need some girlfriend times with my best girlfriends 🙂