Focusing on things you CAN control

My friend Heather send me this amazing video yesterday and it had me really thinking.  I am a total girl and I tend to get stressed over the littlest things.  But Ramit Sethi, an American personal finance advisor and entrepreneur, may have changed my life forever.  His advice in this video is to “focus on things you CAN control.”  How often do we linger on things that we can’t control?  Like how someone feels about you, the global economy, national disasters, etc.

Watching this video made me realize that 90% of my stress is on the things that I cannot control so I decided to nurture and cherish those things that I can control  🙂

I would like to ask you guys what are the three things in your life that you can’t control but spend too much time stressing over?  And what are the three things in your life that you can control and should really focus on?

P.S. by all means please do not start controlling your eating/weight to the extend of becoming anorexic!