Doing what you Love

Last week when my puppy coco was sick I went to Gotham Veterinary Center and I was amazed at their service and genuine care and love for animals – no wonder they have a 5 star review on yelp and google!  Even more than their amazingness I was even more expressed at my vet.  I could tell she loves her job and she genuinely cares for animals.  I could SEE her passion in what she does and it struct me.  Shouldn’t we all have this passion and love for what we do?  I enjoy my job and work but do I absolutely LOVE it?  I do have to admit I am still working on getting to the place where I really genuinely want to be in (career-wise) but it made me realize that we all should work like her.  We spend more than 40 hours a week (more precisely 90,000 hours in lifetime) at work and nearly 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs! (click here for more information).

I think Gary Vaynerchuk really nailed this point in his TED presentation.

Wherever I end up in my career, I sure hope to be like Gary and the vet at Gotham Veterinary Center – love and passion for my work.