All my close friends know that I hate running.  I used to grumble and whine about it all the time when my friends tried to drag me along.  I’m one of those girls who do not last more than 15 minutes on the treadmill because I literally star at the digital track that show how many miles I ran the entire time…

But recently, I decided to try run again and I love it (so far).  The trick was, my friend Diana did not let me stop or walk.  She forced me to run  the entire 3 miles!  The first mile was a killer.  I was coughing and coughing and out of breath but the second and third mile was a breeze.  I think it also helped that we ran by a large body of water.  It helps me to clean out my mind and stay calm.  Right my my favorite place to run is the Riverside Park and Reservoir in Central Park.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Where’s your favorite places to run?