Sadly I’ve come to an age where everyone around me are getting married these days.  I was talking with a good friend last night and she told me that she’s thinking of doing a city hall wedding.  To her surprise, I totally agreed and supported her idea.  I feel like weddings are way over priced especially in NYC!  According to an article on CNN today, average Manhattan weddings cost $76,687.  Yikes!  (The average wedding cost $28,427 in U.S.)  I definitively do not have the money to splurge like that!  I really would rather spend +70K on buying a nicer house or something.

I also think weddings are way too stressful–not sure if I will be able to handle all that stress if I were even given the opportunity, but who knows.  I see bridezillas everywhere and it seems all too crazy for me.

(I guess I won’t be getting married anytime soon.  lol.)

What’s your dream wedding?  

My mom told me a few years ago, “Sweetie, I was thinking the other day and I don’t think you should have lavish weddings like some of your cousins did.  I think a small modest one would be nice… maybe rent a hotel in an island, invite close friends and families, and have a small wedding there…” yeah, I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about as in a small modest wedding…